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Free Pickup with all Pets! No Hidden Fees! No Extra Charges!

Updated: Mar 31

We offer Free Pickups with all Pets! Any Location! No Hidden Fees! No Extra Charges! We will give you Our Best Price Upfront! We can also Match or Beat prices!

We specialize in the aftercare of Small Dogs, Cats, Bunnies, Hamsters, All Rodents, and Gerbils. Including All Reptiles, from Snakes to Lizards, and Fish of all Species! If your pet weighs 50lbs or less, we are your Specialists! However, we will consider larger-sized pets!! Please call us for more details!

Even Better, we can have your Pet's Cremains Back to you in 2 weeks or less for most cases! We use our experience and convenient transportation service to ensure your Beloved Pet gets the Best Care, and Respect they Deserve! Regardless of the situation or cause, we want to take care of you and your pet with the Right information to make a well-informed decision during these hard times.

We do "Private Cremation, " meaning your pet is not cremated with other pets. They are solely cremated by themselves peacefully. After all, your beloved Angel is not just a pet. He or She is Family and we understand that completely. That’s why your Pet deserves the Best Care at all costs! At Small Paws Cremations your Pet is Our Priority!

-Small Paws Team

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