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Many Dogs
  • Private Cremation: The most popular type of cremation for your loving pet today is "Private Cremation" where your pet is solely cremated by itself with no other pets present or cremated alongside your pet. That means your pet is exclusively identified with a steel identification disc throughout the process, and then placed inside the cremation chamber by themselves. Once completed, that same steel disc stays with your pet's cremated ashes. Then your pet's cremated ashes are collected, sealed, and prepared for their return back home to you.

  • Communal Cremation: Once only available as an option everywhere you go, even at your local city or state-governed facilities. This type of cremation can be performed with us as a more affordable option. This is where your pet is included with other pets without any type of separation. Your pet's cremated ashes are not returned to you, but are scattered into the ocean by our cremation company, which works with the Local Boy Scout Chapter A keepsake such as a Clay Paw Print Impression, or Hair Clipping and any of our other available options can be included with this procedure for an additional price.

In a world of uncertainty, even the best search engines won't always get you the best answers or information you are looking for. That's why the "Small Paws Team" will always answer your phone calls. We encourage everyone to give us a call and ask any questions they may have. During these tough times, give us your concerns so we can give you honest information from our experience and knowledge.

-Small Paws Team

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Growing up, I always knew that my passion, love and commitment, would be to dedicate myself to understanding cats and dogs. I’ve always considered myself an animal lover, and by the time I had my very first cat at a young age, my interest was sparked in learning to know all I could about cats and dogs. One thing I know to be a constant truth, is that there is no greater unconditional love and compassion that can mimic that of our precious animal family members. 

The pets that we share our home with are our best friends, companions, and for many of us, our children. They offer something that no human can provide, which is why my journey in life has always stayed focused on wanting to be around animals by caring for them in any way possible. 

My experience has mainly kept me in my hometown of Los Angeles, but I first began my animal care journey while living in Denver, Colorado. It was there that I first joined a wonderful team at a dog daycare, and was mentored well in understanding dog body language. I learned that dog behavior is displayed in various forms: from a play bow in joyful and happy dogs, to whale eyes in stressed and nervous dogs. Learning to understand these subtleties, helped me easily notice signs of sickness in dogs.

Due to my extensive experience working at dog daycares, boarding facilities, animal hospitals,  and doing dog walking/sitting, I’ve landed many roles as supervisor and manager. This has helped me expand my knowledge in animal behavior, which can only be understood by spending time with a group of 50 to 100 plus dogs. 

Over all, even with 20 years of experience, I still have a responsibility to do my best to never stop learning, and always bettering myself to gain modern knowledge about dogs and cats. Love has no limits, and compassion knows no bounds.

Written on 01/23/2024 by Tony Nevarez, Co-Founder, Co-Owner, and Aftercare Specialist of Small Paws Cremations

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“To provide a Valuable Service to those who need us most.”

It is our goal to be the Premier Industry Leader in providing a Quality and Reliable Aftercare Service for all Pets.

Our Core Values.

Simple Value -We believe that we should provide a Simple Aftercare Service for you and your pet, that is fair and ethical. To be so effective, that we can give you the Best Valuable Options that meet or exceed your expectations. The services we offer are the best we know of and the most valuable options in the industry.

Honesty -We believe that Honesty goes a long way to bring Real Integrity to anything we do in Life. Therefore we make it our duty to always explain our process, what takes place, and when. We offer Fair and Upfront Pricing, that's determined on the weight and location of your pet, and we will break it down for you, so that you know everything.

Responsibility -We also believe that the importance of individual responsibility and accountability are required to properly serve those who are going through these tough times. So that means we hold ourselves responsible from beginning to end. We don't want you to worry and think that your pet is in the wrong hands. We want to make you feel right and with a safe peace of mind knowing that your lovely pet is truly being cared for and taken care of throughout the entire process.

Communication -We believe that communication is the most important aspect of any service. So it's just as important to keep in contact with you from the first phone call to the final return. Informing you along the way and making sure we answer all your questions or concerns to help you make a well-informed decision is key to creating a valuable service and a relationship that can't be matched.

Innovation -We believe in a world of uncertainty and growth, that progress is inevitable. To continue evolving and creating methods that are both beneficial to you and your pet are always needed. So we are constantly researching options for your beloved pets that can help make the Aftercare process better and more memorable.

-Romo & Tony

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