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History - Established in 2023

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

What started out as a thought, came to fruition when the people that liked us most needed us the most! Tony and I went through many experiences with Pet Parents and the lost of their beloved fur babies. The constant mental, and emotional experiences everyday being there and caring the Best we know how but yet working for other Companies that didn't work well as we personally did.

So we put our heads together and started Small Paws Cremations LLC. in 2023 and have been at the forefront of trying to be the Best at what we do, while never compromising for any reason. Although we are a New face in the Pet Cremation Business. We have 6-10 years of experience working for other various pet companies, not just other crematories, but boarding and Veterinary Hospitals too!

Through our experiences, we found that customer service and pet parents deserve the absolute best. Being sympathetic and acknowledging the passing of our fur angels is one of Life’s Biggest Mysteries and also one of the hardest heartfelt moments we’ll ever deal with. So we know and understand how it is, and it’s always different and never the same. We treat every pet and their pet parent exclusively to the nature of this special day. After all, we are celebrating your Pet's Life and not just their Passing.

We are not here for the short term but for the long haul. We came from workplaces that spoke a Big Game but under-delivered. We truly understand what dignity and respect mean and how important it is for you as our customer and the effect it translates on the Community. We know that a reputation is built with our actions and the results we deliver. That's why we are proud to say that after 56 or more 5-Star Reviews on our Yelp Page, our progress and your results have boosted us further toward our goals.

Those Goals, are to be there for every customer and their beloved pet. To serve, and care for you and your pet during these hard times. To also ensure that we provide a service that is not only fair but ethical and purposefully dedicated to our values. Those values are to first take care of your Pet with the absolute Best Care from beginning to end. Handling your Loved one is important as if it were our own. So that means proper transportation using comfy plush blankets, or pet beds, and giving them the Royalty they deserve. Second, is taking the right steps and ensuring our process stays consistent with what we tell you and what we know is the Best way we can deliver everything along the way. Lastly and also very important to us is making sure you are informed every step of the way, whether it be by phone call or text, or email. So that you are not worried or unaware of what's taking place and where your pet is.

Our Results speak volumes, and from your experience with us. So regardless of the 5-Star Yelp Reviews, we still have to make sure the Small Paws Process stays Simply Unique and Special for your lovely Angel, so that we can keep doing it for those who need us most! -Romo & Tony

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