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Which Pet Cremation is Best for you?

  • Private Cremation: The most popular type of cremation for your loving pet today is "Private Cremation" where your pet is solely cremated by itself with no other pets present or cremated alongside your pet. That means your pet is exclusively identified with a steel identification disc throughout the process, and then placed inside the cremation chamber by themselves. Once completed, that same steel disc stays with your pet's cremated ashes. Then your pet's cremated ashes are collected, sealed, and prepared for their return back home to you.

  • Communal Cremation: Once only available as an option everywhere you go, even at your local city or state-governed facilities. This type of cremation can be performed with us as a more affordable option. This is where your pet is included with other pets without any type of separation. Your pet's cremated ashes are not returned to you, but are scattered into the ocean by our cremation company, which works with the Local Boy Scout Chapter A keepsake such as a Clay Paw Print Impression, or Hair Clipping and any of our other available options can be included with this procedure for an additional price.

In a world of uncertainty, even the best search engines won't always get you the best answers or information you are looking for. That's why the "Small Paws Team" will always answer your phone calls. We encourage everyone to give us a call and ask any questions they may have. During these tough times, give us your concerns so we can give you honest information from our experience and knowledge.

-Small Paws Team

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