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Wooden Paw Print & Ink Paw Print Bundle

SKU: 00005
  • Our Latest and Greatest addition is our New Wooden Paw Print & Ink Paw Print Bundle of your lovely Pet! This means by purchasing this Style Print Impression, you get the Ink Paw Print for Free!

    Also for Paws, and Claws, every pet from a Dog to a Lizard we can apply a nice Memorable Impression directly from your Pet to our Wooden Tablets! For most small pets we can do 2 paws on one Wooden Tablet, or upon request do 1 Paw per Wooden Tablet. Just please indicate that so we can meet your desires. Limited to 10 Purchases, so you can choose to have 1 Print to 10 made, but each one is priced individually.  


    Note: All Pets have paws that form or shape differently, so when we apply their paws/claws to the tablet. The pressure during the Impression may appear bigger or smaller than the actual paw itself.

  • No Returns, No Refunds, No Exceptions.

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