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Clay Paw Print

SKU: 00003
  • Get a Professional Clay Paw Print of your lovely Pet. For Paws, and Claws, every pet from a Dog to a Lizard we can apply a nice memorable Impression directly from your Pet to our Clay Tablet. For most small pets we can do 2 paws on one Clay Tablet, or upon request do 1 Paw per Clay Tablet. Just please indicate that so we can meet your desires. Limited to 10 Purchases, so you can choose to have 1 Print to 10 made, but each one is priced individually.  


    Note: All Pets have paws that form or shape differently, so when we apply their paws/claws to the tablet. The pressure during the Impression may appear bigger or smaller than the actual paw itself.

  • No Returns, No Refunds, No Exceptions.

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